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Baume & Mercier’s new marketing strategy
New marketing strategy
Baume & Mercier

(05And2011) 2011 marks the beginning of a different section from the good the Switzerland Maison d’Horlogerie, which was founded in 1830. Conscious of the a positive manner the corporation solicits, Baume &av receiver Mercier will first concentration its image today around the tips of conviviality and credibility, two aspects which are element of a true life-style.

This certain vision of chosen lifestyle discloses by itself over the “casually elegant” whole world of a person's relatives and buddies, two halves creating a group of household, the primary group in just which both of life's daily minutes will become special.

Bolstered through the momentum made through the speech of its new model whole world in Economy is shown at the SIHH (Beauty salon Worldwide environnant les la Haute Horlogerie), Baume &av receiver Mercier now unveils its new marketing strategy, a exciting and quickly arranged interpretation of your brand’s chosen lifestyle vision.

Beach front residing in the Hamptons

The campaign’s principle: to incorporate the brand's new vision, sea side residing in the Hamptons, and create a graphical phrase of your Maison d’Horlogerie’s slogan: Our life is about minutes. The photograph take happened in Long Island's Far east Hampton, with genuine individuals, on the backdrop of hilarity plus the memorable shouts of children. The advertising campaign is made up of 6-8 pictures, every showing a short time of real life captured unexpectedly, and every loaded with the feelings that main relationships can create. The timepieces from two new 2011 Baume &av receiver Mercier choices, Capeland and Linea, are exhibited naturally which additionally increases the relaxed atmosphere of your take.

With this hot and interesting advertising campaign, Baume &av receiver Mercier increases better its faithful clients, yet still time interesting a large band of new watch experts and foreseeable future lovers.

Francesco Carrozzini - Photography of your Our life is about minutes advertising campaign

Francesco Carrozzini came to be in Italia in 1982. His love of pictures through his younger years encouraged him at a young age in making compact movies, the origins of his foreseeable future occupation. At the era of 16, he  learned cinematography in the us but with his get back to Milan chose to study philosophy at University.  Soon after, however, he started to function on documentaries and Television pieces. His small movies have been demonstrated at the Cardi Gallery in Milan, the Diane von Furstenberg Gallery in Los Angeles possibly at the Jeu environnant les Paume Gallery in Paris, france. He was selected for “best younger movie directorIn . at the Cannes Motion picture Pageant. While doing so, he's been looked for by a number of mags and it has did wonders like a free lance wedding photographer for Self-importance Sensible, Coming Gemstone, Los Angeles Newspaper, and Italian Fashion amongst others.

Together with his skills, taste, and simpleness, Francesco Carrozzini was decided on as being the wedding photographer for Baume &av receiver Mercier’s new advertising campaign.

The Hamptons photograph take from the words and phrases of Francesco Carrozzini: “I were raised in Tuscany and my most well-known recollections are of your beachfront. I used to be seriously energized to accomplish this take because doing so reminded me of those earlier recollections, but also for the reason that i was filming from the Hamptons, a spot which effortlessly has an amazing natural environment and. There's also this amazing mild which shows up off of the sand…using this to my advantages, I did wonders in the direction of a object rendering which could be as pure-searching as you can. Within a certain way, I started to be a viewer revealing to situation of what happens effortlessly while in front of him.”

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